Role spec

Position type: Contract/Freelance
Desired location : Remote (EU)
Resource permanent location: Lithuania
Spoken languages: English (Fluent), Lithuanian (Fluent)


Full stack engineer with extensive knowledge of distributed systems.

| ------------------------------- | ----------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| Lead Developer                  | Advanced/4+ yrs | Scrum, Agile, Planning, Mentoring, Risk assessment                        |
| Software Architect              | Advanced/2+ yrs | Scalability, Cloud agnostic architectures, Event, API driven architectures|
| Backend Developer               | Advanced/6+ yrs | Linux, GoLang, Containers, Databases, Messaging, Redis                    |
| Cloud/System Engineer           | Advanced/6+ yrs | Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, GCP                                               |
| Full Stack Developer/Integrator | Advanced/4+ yrs | I can connect anything to anything... You might not like it, but I can... |    
| DevOpsSRE/SRE Lead              | Advanced/4+ yrs | GitOps, CI/CD, Observability, Traceability, Logging, SRE Oncall           |
| AI / Machine Learning Engineer  | Familiar/2+ yrs | Tensorflow, Jupyter, mostly infra side of all this                        |
| Frontend Developer              | Familiar/2+ yrs | Vue.JS, Node, I can do it, but I will not enjoy it...                     |


MJ is an exceptional lead engineer. He is enthusiastic, communicative, imaginative, hard working, and consistently delivers results above and beyond expectations. He is excellent in customer-facing contexts and is always focused on delivering the best customer outcomes possible…. more - Jim Minter - Staff Engineer at Stripe

Mangirdas or MJ (short version) was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Deutsche Bank! Few words to describe him would be crazy, eager, broad-minded strategist and dev/ops swiss army knife…. more - William Burton - Senior Lead Software Engineer


Co-Founder @ - device orchestration for the rest of us

January 2021 - Present / Germany, Berlin

Personal project for IoT device management and deployment. Deploy and manage remote devices from anywhere. Simple and elegant way to keep track of your edge devices.

Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat

July 2018 - Present / UK/Germany

Lead engineer & Tech lead for Azure Red Hat OpenShift cloud offering. Was supervising its development, architectures and production operations for product inception. Scaling team from initial kick-off team to full global “follow-the-sun” support model. Experience in architecting and implementing a horizontally scalable management layer. Centralized logging, self-service enablement for developers and SRE’s, alerting and monitoring, operational procedures.

TL;DR: Running stuff at scale in the cloud…

Sr Cloud Consultant @ Red Hat

January 2017 - March 2018 / London, United Kingdom

Helping customers in their digital transformation journey. Chose the best cloud or no cloud at all. Change architecture designs, patterns, standardize organizational stack and establish a developer-driven culture. Help to device between Monolith vs Microservices, Monorepo vs Multirepo strategies. Build CD capabilities based on existing or new flows. Bring the old and new worlds together and create a transition plan and help to implement it. I did all of these things and for multiple organizations. First-hand experience working with big and small customers

Technical Specialist @ Deutsche Bank

June 2016 - January 2017 / London, United Kingdom

Designing and deploying Hybrid cloud solution within organization. From design on paper to deployment in large scale. And finally integrating with internal system for E2E Development Experience in the enterprise environment.

PaaS Engineer / Java Application Platform Engineer @ Barclays

September 2014 - May 2016 / Vilnius, Lithuania

Working with Java Hosting platforms like JBoss, TomCat (JBoss EWS), WebLogic in standalone and cloud (OpenShift PaaS) environments. Developed cartridges for aPaaS for Java application, static web content hosting platforms. Integrated them with wide variety of external products in could environment - HAProxy, Databases connectivity capability within aPaaS (MySQL, DB2, Oracle, etc), monitoring agents integration to these platforms for central monitoring capabilities, etc. Integrated CI&CD within development process.

FLDP - Future Leaders Development Programme @ sBarclay

September 2012 - August 2014 / Vilnius, Lithuania Working in” Business Information and Integration Service” (BIIS), as ETF developer. Working with numerous ETF tools, data flow creation, process development and data analysis for the new projects. Introduced web based real time monitoring tool, which connected different systems, and created real time monitoring capability in the team.

Previous experience:

  • Juniour Project Manager - Barclaycard
  • Windows Server Engineering - Infrastructure Engineering

Computing laboratory, engineer, Head of Laboratory @ Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

2011 - 2012 / Vilnius, Lithuania Maintaining computer network, servers, security system.

Head of Electronics faculty student union @ VGTU SA

2011 - 2012 / Vilnius, Lithuania Student times… Pretending we are amazing leaders and know what we are doing… We didn’t…