An engineer with more than 10 years of experience under the belt. I was working with technologies from my early days. Technology is definitely a passion of mine. Since my school years I enjoy learning the trends that technology is taking in order to make progress and built my first server rack just under my homework table from an old DELL workstations (Dad, sorry for the electricity bills… :) ). When the time has come to choose the University, I, of course, choose to study technology and graduated from something that is related to computer networks.

  • Language of choice - Go
  • Favorite platform - Kubernetes
  • Development model - OpenSource
  • Working practice - SRE - you touch it, you own it
  • Cloud of choice - There is none. This is so trivial :)

Living by: “Learn something new every day… Don’t go to sleep if you didn’t”.

When I’m not in front of the screen: 🚲 🏍 🎿 🚶‍♂️ 🏕️